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Your Appointment: What to Expect


Shopping for your bridal gown is an important part of the wedding process and for many women, it can be stressful. We provide a relaxed comfortable atmosphere that empowers you to feel safe and secure during your bridal appointment.  Our stylists will be gentle and honest and guide you to find the gown that brings you joy. You will leave us feeling valued and heard. We value every customer and try to individualize your bridal experience based on your needs.

Our experienced stylists will listen and advise in a kind and gentle manner, without sales pressure or haste. Each appointment time is allocated 2hrs to allow you to try on gowns in a relaxed manner.



These appointments will be given a one-hour time period. During your appointment you will have access to our knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist you with dresses, and answer any questions about the gowns, colours, and size availability. 

Do you have questions or wish to book an appointment? Please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Do I need an appointment?
    During our Busy time (September-April) we do ask that you have an appointment. This ensures that you are getting the very best service from us, have a fitting room blocked off for you and your group, and a knowledgeable staff member to assist you. From April-September we will accept walk-ins if we are available to assist you, however appointments take priority.
  • What is a trunk show?
    A trunk show is when a designer sends their entire new collection to us for a few weeks. This is a great opportunity for you to see and try on all the gowns from an entire collection!
  • When should I start shopping?
    Most wedding gowns can be ordered within 6 months. We recommend shopping for your gown about a year before to allow plenty of time for your gown to come in and to book your fittings. Otherwise, we can help you select from our vast selection of sample dresses available for purchase or we can see if the designers have hanging stock available for a quick order (no guarantee). Graduation gowns usually arrive within 4 months, and most of our grads begin shopping in the fall (October/November are very busy Grad months). Keep an eye out for trunk shows! Bridesmaid dresses take about 3-4 months. We do have a few rush options we can discuss with our bridesmaid lines as well.
  • Who should I bring?
    We advise bringing your closest friends and family to your appointment, and keeping your numbers limited. Sometimes when you get too many people with different opinions it can make the experience overwhelming. Our goal is to help you in the decision making process and make the experience positive and uplifting.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    We advise nude underwear. Most of our gowns are designed with a lot of structure and undergarments are not necessary to get a perfect fit. Bring a strapless bra if you’re more comfortable with that.
  • Are alterations always required, or will my dress fit perfectly when it arrives?"
    Yes, most dresses will need some altering. We measure you before we order to get as close to your size as possible. The most common alterations are a hem, bust, and strap adjustment.
  • Do I need to find a seamstress?
    At Muse we do have a few seamstresses that we work with closely in our store, they are independent from Muse but are very dedicated to us and our customers. If you are in need of a seamstress, we can get you in contact with them (the sooner the better) to be added to their list! They do get very busy, so it is best to book ahead! We also have a few other seamstresses in the Brandon area that we can recommend to you as well.
  • How do payments work?
    At Muse to order your gown we require a deposit of 50%. The remainder is due when your order has arrived.
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